The Logo "seomraCré" has it's origin in the Irish language. Seomra means chamber or room and Cré means clay. I chose the word "room" because I wanted to express not only the need to have room in a material sense but also to have room in a immaterial sense. This immaterial room is just as important to me as the material room when creating my ceramics. And the vessels themselves of course incorporate "room". The second word Cré is a word I chose because when translated into the German language it means "Ton". When "Ton" is directly translated, it not only means clay but also "sound". It's not enough just to have an idea. You have to "listen" to it, really try to hear it. I think the sound of an idea which materializes into a vessel made of clay quite a beautiful concept. The more I thought about the "sound" of an idea, the more I realized all the sounds around me when creating ceramics. I never work with music. The symphony of sounds around me, starting from the first sound of the idea, to the squelching sound of kneading clay, the drone of the wheel, the scratching sounds of tools used, the hissing sound of the gas flame when firing, the air compressor...all of these sounds echo the first sound of the idea in my head which culminate to one song sung unique to each and every vessel.